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Do you have a good plan, but need help putting it in action? That’s why we’re here. Our service includes: marketing, recruitment, and large-scale execution.
Individual, small group, or whole staff - we leave no stone unturned. Our service includes: coaching, presentations, and group learning facilitation.  ​​


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Recent Projects

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behind the name:

Acumen Learning Innovations began out of a need to provide schools with the tools necessary to become more effective. The company is built on the idea of fostering innovative ideas in and among schools and organizations.

Professional Development

  • Ridgeline Academy – Ridgeline Academy was seeking to build staff community during their begin of year teacher training. Acumen was ready to innovate. The staff was impressed with the quality and rigor of our one day workshop.
  • Starshine Academy – Acumen partnered with Starshine Academy to design and implement a marketing plan to boost enrollment. Our leadership and energy was contagious. We worked closely with staff members, families, and community partners to improve Starshine's presence in a school-rich neighborhood. 

Strategic Planning

​​“All for one and one for all!” Let us help you cultivate a strong culture. Our service includes: planning and executing activities, reflective practices, and motivational speaking.​​



The Acumen Experience

noun - the ability to think clearly and make good decisions.